[TRANS]090929 Jejung&Yuchun messages in Colors~Melody and Harmony~ CD bigeast version

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[TRANS]090929 Jejung&Yuchun messages in Colors~Melody and Harmony~ CD bigeast version

Mensagem por yunho's wife em Ter Set 29, 2009 4:05 pm


The two of us were working hard to create this single
Thanks for listening.
We have put our love and sweat in this music we both composed together
I hope the love feeling can be spread to everyone
As always, we ask for your warm support ^^

- Jejung

The two of us had been struggling hard these days ^^
We really enjoyed making the song that gives such fresh feeling like this
What is your impression towards the song?
My mind that is filled of thankfulness for everyone’s love,
to have a possibility of conveying the feeling in a moment like this really makes me glad
Thank you ^^;;

- Everyone’s Micky -

Jejung & Yuchun sing a beautiful harmony in a very impressive song ‘COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~’
Now, between their busy schedule, we took an attempt for some moment of these two men to have a mini-interview!
■ What was the thought you put in the song?

JJ: During our 4th live tour, we wanted to compose a song that is able to convey our “thank you” feeling from the heart.
YC: So far the existence of fans have been our strength, so for everyone we want to give a little giveback, that’s what I thought in my mind that time.

■ Your favorite part?
YC: This part “Melody and Harmony いつもそばにいてぼくにゆうきときぼうをくれたね~” (always beside you to give courage and hope)
JJ: La la la la~ part

■ If you could say something to the fans?
JJ: When you’re sad, when you’re dejected, just listen to this song so that you can laugh hard.
YC: When you’re lonely and exhausted, this song will give you a positive thinking mind.

■ A message to Bigeast, please!
YC: This is the first time the two of us doing duet, therefore please watching us with many support! Please listen a lot to ‘COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~’
JJ: I think ‘COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~’ really fits the autumn atmosphere. In this autumn season, we send ‘COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~’ so that everyone can smile while listening to it.

source: dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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